4. From our special midnight show @ the living room this past Saturday!

    Learn the Bryant Dance! For the first time, this video captures in detail the unique style and technique of our primary dancer. The Dancing begins at around 1:50 



  6. Ariela flying


  7. Spring on mulberry street


  8. Our contemporary great American “power trios” vie for an epic loudness, and a wall-of-sound, but DTROTBOT cherishes pristine intricacies. They veer organically between hypnotic, beautiful collage and violent textures that send unconfident listeners running; in fact, I saw them run- a crowd of innocent, unsuspecting hipsters streamed out of Glasslands, snaking past the aficionados and curious souls that stood transfixed; poor things, they were visibly assaulted by a curious circus-like freak-out dissonance, a signature of the band; yet, that too is but one tool in their vast arsenal of cutting-edge sonic artillery. There really is no precedent for this music.

    Christoher Partidge, The New Yorker, April 15 Edition. Talk of the Town: "DTROTBOT Mystifies at Glasslands"


  9. From studio mastermind Pat Monte; A cut!…a scratch…’tis enough, twill serve..’till tonight! PREVIEW OF THE NEW DTROTBOT SONG CYCLE


  10. This is how last year’s NYU show went down… We’ll be doing it again, this Friday! 


  11. Anyone interested in a limited edition DTROTBOT shirt from Pat’s custom line? @pmqwerty @glasslands 


  12. And this ones sums up whats happening this week! Oh boyyy OKAY!

    "….New York based avant-indie band, DTROTBOT are slated to perform twice in NYC this month. On April 8th, they will play Glasslands with Camadrone & Snark and Marble Fawn for an evening of super strange music to drink and sway to. On April 12th, DT ROTBOT will perform their compositional tales of love and woe, as they play “Two Song Cycles”, both of which are musical reenactments or interpretations of the classic stories of “A Place in the Sun” and “House of Mirth” at New York University. DTROTBOT is an out of the box, and completely unique band. You’re going to want to check them out. If you’re a DIY art house scene type of person check out Glasslands, and if you prefer a more intellectual environment, enjoy the free show at NYU……”


  13. A lovely write-up on SICK OF THE RADIO…..

    "….DTROTBOT is an obscurely tasteful rock band from Brooklyn, NY. They walk on a musical tight rope by risking the right to be incredibly unique by exposing listeners to an eclectic mixed bag of individual sound effects and whimsical lyrics….”


  14. dtrotbot aficionados tend to speak of a 2-concert threshold for appreciation… I don’t agree with this personally but since its such a widespread notion, we set up 2 immediately proximal shows to give a sort of leg-up to new audiences, as well as older fans whose fluency with our style has become rusty due to infrequent exposure.
    Anyway, I recommend folks start with this one @ glasslands next monday april 8, with Marble Fawn (Ian Bjornstad’s mystical/magical band named after my favorite Hawthorne novel), and Comadrome & Snark who are a really subtle and intense electronic/visual duo ……then follow it up at our annual nyu show the following friday (the 12th) w/ headless monkey attack!

  15. Delicious beer… Unique Concert Experience… Friday 4/12 @ 8pm